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10 Reasons why skipping rope is better than going to the gym

  1. Very Cheap!

Skipping rope is a very cheap type of exercise, a piece of skipping rope costs around $5-$20 only, and you can buy it from any sports store or even online, while joining a gym is much more expensive, as gym memberships can cost anywhere from $50 to $250 monthly, in addition to initiation fees, so why don’t you save your money?


  1. Do Your Workout Anywhere.

All what you need to do skipping rope workout is a five-by-six-foot area, and about 8 inches of space above your head, you can find this area anywhere you go, at home, at your parents home, in the park, or in your room, which makes it easier to do your workout  anywhere and without complications.


  1. No Packing!

You don’t have to prepare your gym bag with all the stuff you need to workout and shower, no need to get out of home, or driving hours to reach your gym, simply grab your rope, choose a safe place to jump, and start melting the unwanted fat.


  1. Pack your workout when you travel.

If you’re a frequent traveler, your skipping rope can be your best friend during your trip, it fits perfectly in your suitcase, very light in weight, and you can use In your room, especially if you don’t have time to use the fitness area in the hotel you’re staying at, so you can burn calories while travelling.


  1. A workout for your whole body.

Skipping rope workout includes the upper and the lower parts of your body in a one single simple exercise, no need to jump from one machine to another at the gym, and wait for your turn to get all your body areas involved and trained.


  1. It burns lots of calories!

When talking about burning fat and calories, skipping rope workout is considered as one of the best exercises that shakes the hell out of your fat cells, you’re jumping against the gravity direction, you’re doing a great effort resisting that power attracting you to the ground, which leads to a serious calorie burning.

An average person burns between 100-120 calories per 10 minutes of skipping rope, which is equivalent to 10 minutes of running, 30 minutes of weight training, or 10 minutes of cardio workout.

So why go to the gym if there’s an easier option?


  1. Enjoy privacy.

Those people who go to the gym, and exercise in front of others, don’t really care about other people looking at them, but other people don’t find themselves enjoying exercising in front of others, maybe they’re not confident about their bodies, or they get distracted when working out in public.

So choosing to workout at home with a skipping rope away of other eyes would make you more focused about your workout and your weight loss goals.


10 Reasons why skipping rope is better than going to the gym

  1. It saves your time.

A 20 minute session of skipping rope is more than enough as a high intensity exercise, then have a shower for another 10 minutes, and you’re done in less than 30 minutes! On the other hand, hitting the gym would take you between 2-4 hours per day, including driving, exercising (waiting for your turn), taking a shower, and the way back home, which is really time consuming, especially if you’re a mother and have kids to take care of.


10 Reasons why skipping rope is better than going to the gym

  1. Improves heart rate and blood pressure.

Skipping rope is an outstanding workout to target your heart rate, it improves the performance of the circulatory system, and strengthen the heart muscle.


10 Reasons why skipping rope is better than going to the gym

  1. Good Mood.

Especially if you’re working out in an outdoor area, skipping rope stimulates the release of hormones in the brains that improves your mood, makes you happy and satisfied, and relieves stress and anxiety.

So why don’t we lose weight and get in shape without paying a lot of money? Do you agree with me that skipping rope is a good alternative to going to they gym? If you’d rather hitting the gym please leave me a comment explaining the reason, would love to hear from all of you.



24 thoughts on “10 Reasons why skipping rope is better than going to the gym

  1. I think I just found my next workout! lol. Thank you that was some great information. Not only is it more convenient, but you get a great workout as well. That is definitely the most important thing to me. I know that jumping rope gets your heart rate up so it’s great cardio, but do you think it doubles as a form of stretch training for arms and legs too? Thanks

    1. Hello Kayla,
      I’m glad that you’re starting skipping rope soon 🙂
      Jumping rope moves both upper and lower parts, type of resistance to gravity, but I don’t think it’s a stretching training for arms and feet, I believe we should start with stretching then do our skipping workout for best results.
      Please let me know if you have more questions 🙂

  2. Wow, this is such a great article. I have a skipping rope (somewhere). I think it’s time to go on a hunt and root it out. It’s very interesting to see just how many calories skipping burns and what a brilliant idea about packing it in your luggage to take on holiday! Thanks for such great advice. Peter.

    1. Thanks Peter for your lovely comment.
      I’m glad that you liked the idea, let’s start skipping rope and watch fat while disappearing.
      Would love to answer any question you have in mind.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. Now you have give me 10 excellent reasons to start skipping rope again. I enjoyed doing it as a child and as a teenager. Now your article has me pumped up to try this cardio workout again.

    1. I’m very glad that my post made you think about skipping rope again, thanks for reading my post, and would love to answer any question on your mind 🙂

  4. Skipping rope is a great workout and an even better addition to an existing exercise program. Skipping rope well can be more challenging than it looks and can be fun to master. For those who have the discipline to skip rope on a regular basis will enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

  5. Wow! This is great post. I been thinking about this Skipping rope and quit my HIIT exercise at the gym, but when I read you post it help me decide to do it, Skipping rope rather than going to the gym to save money. lol ????

  6. I can easily see how this type of continuous motion will help the heart, balance, coordination, and circulation. I can appreciate how you show the simplicity of its use which allows for the ability to do it anywhere.

  7. It’s so true, we make exercise seem like drudgery and come up with all the excuses why we can’t find the time. You have just taken away all the excuses, and the added benefit of better mood along with burning calories, well that’s just a bonus. Thanks for the article, I will track down my jump rope.

    1. Hello Maryjan,

      Thank you for reading my article, I’m glad that you liked it.
      Yes you’re right, we’re living a very busy life, and we should find simple solutions to our needs, skipping rope does the work in no time.
      Appreciate your interest in my post 🙂

  8. I didn’t realise that there were so many benefits of skipping rope. I did think that it would be cheaper than going to the gym. And also that it would save you time as you don’t need to travel.

    I just wasn’t sure about how fit that it can be. Problem is I haven’t skipped before. Is it easy to pick up?

  9. This is a great article. I never knew that skipping rope can improve health condition. I will discuss this with my wife and see how we can do it. Considering all the health benefits, this is what every family should be doing. Great job.

    1. Yes it’s an old simple exercise, our grandparents used to do this workout for fun, but recent scientific studies have highlighted the numerous benefits of skipping rope, it is superb!

  10. Wow – you make a super-compelling case for this simple, economical exercise available to just about anyone. I’m forced to consider it despite my concerns about wear on my old knees, my klutz tendencies, my inability to stay engaged with repetitive exercise. I’m a great believer in “slow burn” resistance work outs that exhaust your muscles and build muscle-mass with just two sessions a week of 15 minutes each; but I can’t seem to keep those up, even though I need to build muscle mass. My exercise regime is all about racquetball and tennis – they hold my interest, and are fun, so I find a way to get a few hours in each week. If you don’t know about racquetball, it is a lot like squash, but with a bouncier ball, and played on a court similar to a handball court.
    Anyway, I guess I must try jumping rope, but I’ll be back here to complain if I break some bones or hang myself (I really am a klutz)!

    1. No please don’t even think about jumping rope if you usually have painful knees, as all the body weight will be focused on your knees while jumping rope.
      Maybe for you tennis and racquetball are more fun than just doing jumping rope, they get you involved in the exercise, and that’s what is more important, to do what you like so you commit to it.

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