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Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

If you decide to do something, or accomplish a mission, or fulfill a dream, your success will be highly dependent on what you say to yourself every day, you’re the main influence to yourself, so if you keep encouraging yourself with positive thinking, it would be very likely to get what you want in  a short period of time, if you have doubts about your capabilities to complete what you planned to do, you might succeed but you’ll need more time, if you believe that you can’t do that thing, you won’t do it.

It all depends on yourself, and what you say repeatedly to yourself, so keep positive always!

Here is what you should keep telling yourself if you want to get the body you dream of:

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

I Can Do It!

Just like anything else you plan to do, just like any other dream you want to fulfill, you should be certain that you’re more than able to do it, your brain will obey the orders you give to him, and the steps you set for him to accomplish what you want to accomplish, especially if they were repetitive, never underestimate the power of yourself and your brain to reach your goals, believe in yourself, keep reminding yourself that you can do it, and YES YOU CAN DO IT!!

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

I’m Not Weak Anymore.

Most of those who want to lose weight have gained weight because of their weakness towards food, that weakness is natural in human bodies so we would keep eating to stay alive, but this weakness may become excessive, and causes us to become overweight and obese.

But the question is, till when we’ll keep food driving us to be the ones that we hate, to have the bodies that we’re not confident of, and to have that uncomfortable feeling of not looking attractive like others do? We’ve been weak towards food all our lives, we ate lots and lots of our favorite food, and nothing bad will happen if we avoid our weak point a little, in order to fulfill a more important dream!

So why wouldn’t we have more respect for ourselves, and stop being weak towards food, feeling weak is not something you’d be happy to live with, you won’t be proud of yourself as long as you’re weak and addicted to food, try resisting food once, and see how proud you’ll be of yourself! It’s a very nice feeling, defeating and resisting that sound in your head that keeps telling you It’s OK to eat one slice of pizza, have a few pieces of chips, or drink one glass of soda, is just the beginning of your successful journey to reach the body you want. If you resist it once, you’ll do that always!

So STOP being weak! You’re strong enough to resist food, and become the new You that you’ve been always dreamed of.

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

I Have To Be Patient.

Weight loss needs time, effort, commitment, and power, and only patience would make your journey fruitful. During your way to lose weight, you might face some difficulties, like getting invited to lunch or dinner and being exposed to too much food variety, craving food that you shouldn’t eat like sweets and fatty foods, or noticing that you’re not losing weight as planned, in addition to other situation and obstacles that might lower your motivation to stay on track and reach the body you want.

In those situations, the only thing that would help you out is being patient, never ruin what you have started and planned just because you face some problem or a difficulty. It’s a long road, you should keep yourself motivated despite what will happen, because what will happen is normal, you’re a human, and you’re likely to be exposed to such situations, the best to be done in such situations, is to know how to deal with these situation. Never give up, be patient, remind yourself with your goals, stay psychologically and emotionally committed so you would reach what you want.

So before starting any diet or any workout, remember and keep reminding yourself that it’s normal to face difficult situations, so if you’re not going to be patient in those situations, don’t waste your time from the beginning, you have to be able to avoid what disturbs you, you have to be flexible enough to live a natural life and lose weight in the same time, and that would only be achievable with patience.

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

Small Steps Will Lead To Big Achievements.

For a successful weight loss, I always recommend small steps, small milestones, and small goals to be achieved, and these small steps will end up with the biggest victory, YOUR NEW NICE BODY!

When you set small steps, and accomplish them, you’ll be more confident of yourself, and you’ll be able to accomplish the next small steps in your plan. On the other hand, if you start your journey with big unreasonable steps, you’re probably not going to accomplish them, as a result, you’ll end up less motivated and less confident, and you’ll give up in the middle of the road.

Be gentle with yourself and don’t load your mind with unachievable orders. Start with 1lb the first week (which is the healthiest amount of weight to be lost in a week), and when you’re happily done, set another 1lb the second week, and so on! It will definitely take more time, but the results are real, continuous, and permanent.

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

Their Bodies Are Nice And Fit, And I Will Look Like Them Soon!

While looking at photos of celebrities, athletes, models, and even strangers in magazines, on the web, or on Facebook, Instagram, or snap chat , no doubt you wish to be like them, and that pain jumps into your heart that you’ll never ever look like them in your whole life, but wait a minute! Why being too pessimistic? They did it which means you can do it!

Comparing yourself to others is only recommended when it gives you the required motivation to be a better you, and to follow your plan to reach your goals, it’s a good stimulus for you when you feel bored and need a new push to work harder, but never underestimate your ability to become like them one day, just keep your head in it and miracles will follow. Trust me!

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”.

This is one of my favorite quotes when it comes to motivation, I put this quote as a status on Facebook when I start a new diet or workout plan, and I let my clients know what exactly it means so It would add fuel to their fire, and makes them more determined to reach their goals.

We know very well that weight loss journey isn’t going to be easy, avoiding food that you love, pushing yourself to exercise when you’re dying to get some rest, and resisting hanging out with your friend so you won’t get off the track, are not things that would make you feel comfortable, it’s against your nature and what you were used to.

This quote encourages you to cope with those changes gradually so you would start enjoying them and get used to them, therefore they would become your new “comfort zone”, that time only you can be certain that your life style has been changed to a healthy one, and the fit nice body you’re looking for is about to become a reality.

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

I Will Make Their Jaws Drop!

It’s really exciting when you think of the reaction of all of those who made fun of you and underestimated your ability to lose weight and become like them, what would their reaction be when they see you after all that transformation that happened to you, the first question you’ll hear after you see their jaws drop is: ‘What the heck did you do?’.

That reaction alone would make you jump to the gym like crazy, this is a very nice scene to keep watching in your imagination, when you feel down and don’t feel you have the power to proceed anymore, this is what should keep motivating you to the beautiful end.

It’s time to show those who really worry you when you pass in front of them that you could do it! That you could fulfill your dream of becoming happily thin, never let anyone on this planet mocks you and your body again, and work always on maintaining that dream your whole life.

So follow your weight loss plan perfectly away from them, don’t let them see you in that period, and only show up when you’re done, and when you’re proud of your body, see their reaction and enjoy the real taste of success.

People around us – whether friends or enemies – are a great motivation for us, so use them to fulfill your dreams, Why not?

Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

The Number On The Scale Doesn’t Mean Anything To Me.

After long years of designing personalized diets and following dieters and patients during their weight loss journey, I noticed that the weight on scale should not be your success scale, in fact, this number changes slowly, and might not change in some weeks due to many factors, some of these factors are related to the dieter himself/herself, like not following the diet as it should be, or not drinking enough water, and the other factors are confusing and hard to be controlled, for example, if you had your meal 1-2 hours before weighing yourself, If you drank water, If your bowel movement was not normal or you were bloated, if you had a stressful day, or you hadn’t enough sleep, the number on the scale wouldn’t be accurate, so don’t make the scale your main indicator of your progress, or you’ll end up feeling disappointed and you’ll lose the motivation from the beginning.

To make it easier and clearer for you, I recommend trying a pair of jean for example every week, so you can notice the change physically based on stable factors, or use measuring tape to measure certain areas in your body, like the stomach, the waist, the arms, and the thighs every couple of weeks, to notice your progress.

Click here for the scale I use everyday and which I highly recommend.

And yes, you can use the weighing scale, but you have to keep into consideration all the above factors if the number you got wasn’t going as planned.

If you need to read more about inner motivation and encouragement to lose weight and stay fit, I recommend acquisition of the book.

I’d like to thank you for your time reading this post, hope you could find your way to be mentally ready to start a weight loss plan with motivation and excitement, if you’d like to add anything to what I wrote, or if you have any question leave me a comment, and I’ll be more than happy to answer 🙂






20 thoughts on “Things You Should Keep Saying To Yourself When You Decide To Lose Weight

  1. The brain is a very powerful thing. It likes patterns, which is probably why it likes music. What you say to yourself repeatedly, will have an effect on how you feel and how you live your life, not just about weight loss, but in all other aspects.

    1. Indeed, saying things repeatedly will make your brain more convinced with what you’re saying, if you keep saying I will lose wight, you will, If you keep saying, I will get rich, your brain will do it’s best to make you reach wealth.
      Your success start always in your head.

  2. To stay healthy and fit, it is very crucial for us to keep an eye on our weight. The key points regarding weight lose mentioned in this article are really very significant. I agree that self motivation and staying positive is very important if we want to lose weight, as it takes time and we have to be patient in order to get good results. Thank you for sharing such an informative article.

    1. Like what experts say, your weight loss starts in your mind, it’s your mind that losing the weight not your body, so it’s more important to find the best strategies to make our brains respond to our decisions before our bodies.

  3. Words of wisdom right here. The power of positive thinking is awesome. I really like the comment about being comfortable being uncomfortable. This has been something that is really hard for me personally and applies to more than just weight loss. It’s hard to put yourself in uncomfortable positions with anything, especially when you have to resist friends who will get you off track. Weight loss is definitely a state of mind, something you really have to put your mind to. The mind is such a powerful tool, so if you can get in the right frame of mind, then you are well on your way. Great post, and thanks for these fantastic reminders, not just for weight loss, but to life!

    1. Hello Steve,

      Thanks for reading my post and I’m glad that you liked the content.
      Weight loss is just like any other decision you take in this life, needs mental power to be achieved, if you were convinced and confident of your plan to reach your goals, you’ll certainly reach them, just stay positive 🙂

  4. Very inspirational. I am doing some research so I can stand by a friend who struggles with low self-esteem due to her weigh.
    I think what you say about “the weight on the scale” is very important for people trying to lose weight. The scale tends to be a progress report for many people and if there is no change on the scale it may feel to them as there is no change in their weight.

    1. Yes Jean, we should not give weight on the scale the most of our success indication, it is a part of it, but this part is always affected by many factors that we can’t control, so it’s better to use other methods that determine exactly where are we in our weight loss journey.
      I hope your friend would be benefited from this post as well.

  5. This is an uplifting article that will help me a lot. I doubt myself on so many levels, not only when it comes to weight loss. Reading this, I can apply it to every aspect of my life. Thank you.

  6. Great article on losing weight. Your mind can be a very powerful thing in many ways. And if you can rewire your brain in a certain way to help towards a goal it can make a huge difference. Thinking positively and keep thinking you will reach your goal and will loose the weight no matter what obstacle are in front or no matter what those scales day week upon week. Will make you achieve it. Great information.

  7. Great article. One other thing I would recommend beyond motivational sayings is to keep reminding yourself to minimize the opportunities to do things bad for your health.

    Research shows that we only really have a finite amount of will power each day and once we spend it we cave in on other things much more easily. This means if we spend walking through a candy store we might cave at the grocery store and buy chips.

    Given this, if you can identify your biggest weaknesses and stop exposing yourself to them you’ll be one stop closer. Just keep telling yourself to avoid them!

  8. Hi Rawan,
    Thank you for your inspirational post. These are all things I need to remember on my weight loss plan. I’ve gotten lazy these past couple of years, though helping raise my new grand babies is a pretty good reason, lol. I’m wanting to get back on track but finding it difficult in this stage of life. I guess I’m not patient enough!

    1. How lovely helping others raising their kids, I really need help sometimes, but honestly I don’t get it always, your son/daughter is lucky for such a helpful mom like you!
      So you’re finding losing weight now is difficult right? I’m writing soon about losing weight in this stage of life very soon, please keep visiting my website for more info.
      Please visit these links for more tips about how stick to your diet:http://slimbrains.com/how-to-stay-on-a-diet

  9. Great article! Full of information, is so true that what we tell ourselves ends up being what we experience so all outer change begins inside ???? this will definitely help and not just for weight loss… pretty much with everything! Keep a good mentality and even the hardest of tasks seems manageable. I would like to see more articles like this!

  10. Our brains really listen to what we tell it to do. If we keep repeating harmful or unproductive language our brains will listen to that. However, if we start changing the language and the story we tell ourselves then our brains will respond positively to that.

    I personally believe in the power of micro commitments. Often when we think about the whole problem we are trying to solve we end up feeling overwhelmed. But if we decide to just comoplete one small task then we easily get to the second then the third and pretty soon we would have tackled the entire problem one step at a time.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article.

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