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Lose REAL weight with Psyllium Husk

I haven’t personally tried this product yet (I tried it one month later click here to find my review), but I couldn’t resist writing about it after studying the many great feedback about it from many Arab clients who tend to use alternative medicine and herbs to get rid of their extra pounds, but what I really loved about it is that most of the weight loss products have side effects which might cause serious problems, but this one so far doesn’t have any, instead it has noticeable benefits especially for the digestive system, let’s have a closer look!


What is Psyllium Husk?  

 According to the Psyllium husk definition is:

“Psyllium is the husk of the seed from the Plantago plant – it contains a spongy fibre that reduces appetite, improves digestion and cleanses the system! When combined with water, Psyllium husk forms a gel (that is naturally gluten free!) that can help to keep the bowels regular and is far more gentle – and natural – than using a laxative.”

How does Psyllium husk help me lose weight?

Weight loss and Appetite Control:

Psyllium husk is mainly soluble fiber, it absorbs liquid in your body and when mixed with water, it becomes gelatinous, and when it reaches your stomach, It simply helps you feel full without adding extra calories to your diet, the thing that makes you eat less amount of food, controls your appetite, and reduces your cravings to bad choices of food as your blood level will remain under control.

Absorption of Cholesterol and other forms of fat:

This insoluble fiber is excellent at lowering bad cholesterol in your body, including LDL (low density lipoprotein), because it is neither digested nor absorbed, which contributes to the use of the cholesterol stored in the body to get rid of this form of fiber, so the more fiber you consume, the more Cholesterol you’re getting rid of, and the healthier you are.

Flatten your stomach:

Psyllium husk acts like a gentle laxative, it has the ability to soften your stool, helps to cause movement of the intestines, which encourages the digestive system to get rid of all stools stuck inside, leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed, so no more constipation, no more bloating!


Weight loss is not the only benefit you will reward yourself  when you take Psyllium husk regularly, have a look on these distinctive benefits of these wonderful seeds:

  • It lowers the level of bad cholesterol in your body and keeps your heart healthy.
  • It lowers blood pressure and protects you from developing hypertension.
  • It maintains a healthy glycemic balance by controlling your blood sugar level, which is beneficial for diabetes patients.
  • It is useful to treat diarrhea, as Psyllium husk absorbs excess water from the digestive system, which hardens diarrhea.
  • It can be helpful if you have hemorrhoids, because Psyllium husk softens the stools, makes it easy to get rid of them painlessly.
  • If taken with enough amount of water it can be useful for irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.
  • It protects against cholesterol gallstone formation.

Reviews and Feedback:

I’ve translated some of the feedback I read on Arabs forums and Facebook pages about Psyllium:

  • “I’ve been using Psyllium husk for 4 days only! No more colon pain, and I lost 4 pounds”
  • “Hello, I’ve been using Psyllium husk for 10 days until now, I lost 8 pounds, although I didn’t make any changes to my diet”
  • Hello, I lost 10 pounds, I used Psyllium husk for 10 days only, I’m very happy with this result”
  • “6 pounds in less than a week, I’m so thankful!”
  • “ Hello, I’ve been using Psyllium husk for about one month until now, and I lost 15 pounds, didn’t expect that at all”

And during my searches, I tried to look for any side effects for Psyllim on websites and pages, and surprisingly everyone is happy with the result they got.


How to take Psyllium Husk:

The recommended dose for Psyllium husk is 5 g with 1 cup of water not more than twice a days before the meal or in between the meals, and don’t forget to drink enough water regularly throughout the day.


If you decide to use Psyllium husk for weight loss or for the treatment of any of the above mentioned diseases, let me know your feedback, and if you face any side effects (which is not possible) just tell me to report this here.

But before taking Psyllium husk, or any kind of other products, herbs, or beverages, I highly recommend talking to your doctor first to know what exactly suits your health, as every human body has its own chemistry and capabilities, and this has to be taken into consideration before taking anything new to your body.

Where to buy Psyllium Husk:

Please click HERE for Psyllium Husk best quality and price.



12 thoughts on “Lose REAL weight with Psyllium Husk

  1. Hello there! I’ve been hitting the gym lately to lose weight and gain muscles. I haven’t heard psyllium husk before and it is new to me. I read your article that eating psyllium husk will help lose weight and it got my interest. I’m kinda scared to try it because it might have side affects. Do you think that psyllium husk has side affects when you eat it or when you eat too much of it?

    1. Hello John,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Psyllium husk is a natural form of fibers, these fibers are also present in fruits and vegetables, and that’s why fruits and vegetables are filling! for more info about psyllium husk please visit:

      Psyllium husk has no side effects at all, especially if taken with adequate amount of water, and it’s very healthy, and highly recommended to be taken as a diet suppressant.

      Please let me know if you have more questions in mind 🙂

  2. Hi. I know Psyllium very well. We give it to our disabled son who has serious problems with defecation. It works perfectly. He does not need to lose weight but other positive effects on his health are unquestionable.
    Moreover, our son can’t drink liquids, because they are absorbed into his lungs. Usually we give liquids directly to his stomach, but if we want him to eat a delicious soup, we add a small amount of Psyllium to it. The soup becomes almost as thick as solid food and he can saefly eat it. It’s yet another beneficial effect of Psyllium.
    Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks for your additional information about Psyllium husk benefits, and I wish your sweet son a fast recovery.

      Yes fibers in Psyllium Husk absorbs water and becomes gelatinous, and it relieves constipation, and other digestive tract problems.

      Thanks for reading my post 🙂

  3. Psyllium husk fibers are the real deal. If you look at the ingredients in most western laxatives, it’s psyllium + dyes + flavoring. Why not cut to the chase and just use the plant product? I used to use it all of the time, and this is a great reminder to get back on the psyllium train. thanks for the great review!

  4. Thanks for sharing this “magical” product Rawan, I am all for natural products. I immediately went on to order one carton but there seemed to be a problem importing into France. Do you know why? Now that I have read all about it I really want to try it.

    I am quite sure that I can find it in France, but of course, I wanted to go through your link because you’ve done your homework and explained it so well. But I will try again later and try to find out what’s the hold up.

    If you have any idea please contact me at my email address, or maybe some of your readers will have the answer, so I will keep checking back.

    Thanks very much.

    John ツ

    1. Hello John,

      Thanks for your trust in what I wrote, and I’m glad that you made your decision to buy the product based on my description, I honestly have no clue why Amazon is not shipping this product to France, I went back to Amazon and checked, it said it could be shipped to France, if you still want it you can try again and let me know.

      Thanks again 🙂

  5. I was looking for ways to improve the digestive system when I came across this post. Psyllium husk seems like a very good natural ingredient for this purpose. As it is, I am very much into juicing these days and I think adding a spoon or two into the concoction will help to increase my fiber intake on a daily basis.

    Getting a flat stomach – yeah, that’s another factor that appeals to me 🙂

    1. Hello Cathy and thanks for your comment,

      Yes it seems I didn’t pay attention to juicing and juice recipes while writing this post, Steve also (see his comment above) mentioned that, yes it’s better to include some psyllium husk in one of your juices, it makes it more filling, and it’s tastier than drinking it with water.

      Thanks for your smart addition 🙂

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