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How to stay on a diet?

Finally, you took your decision to lose weight, you’re not feeling comfortable with the way you look anymore, you believe that you deserve a better life while enjoying a fit and healthy body, you contacted your nutritionist and chose a diet that suits you and your health, and bought all food required for that diet.

After committing to that diet for a couple of weeks or so,  you start feeling weak towards food, you can’t resist foods like when you started your diet, everyone around you at the office are eating whatever they want, and you’re just trying hard to keep your eyes off, and your thought off, you’re struggling a lot to stay on track!

Don’t worry! You’re not alone, most of dieters -including me- face the same struggle.

Resisting food is not easy, and you need a real mental power to keep on track and for a long time.

Here are some tips that will help you stay on your diet:

Write down a list of reasons for which you decided to make a diet.

I highly recommend writing a list of the reasons based on which you decided to start dieting, describe your feelings, state your mood that time, and write memories about how your weight put you in bad situations, or how it makes you not satisfied and not confident in front of others, write down all what bothers you so it would motivate you later when you feel tired of dieting.

Involve your friends and family in your weight loss goals.

Let your friends and family know that you’re dieting, and what weight you’re aiming to reach, make them know how excited you are to reach your dream body, write a post on your Facebook asking for encouragement, so you’d be more committed in front of them, you don’t want them to think you’re a loser, that’s really a great motivation to force yourself to keep going and never give up.

Keep a photo of your favorite body with you always.

While browsing social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll find a lot of fit bodies photos for actors, celebrities, and people you don’t know, and some of these might blow your mind, keep a photo of the body you like always with you, this is really motivational.

Those people in photos worked very hard to achieve what they have achieved, and if they could, you can do it as well! They only stayed focused, did their best, to make their dream come true! So what are you waiting for? Have a look at these photos whenever you need motivation, and keep yourself committed to your dream body.

Get a nice pair of jeans smaller in size and work hard to put it on.

We all love shopping, but we hate how we look in a lovely pair of jeans when we’re fat, don’t worry! Buy one, and keep that pants your motivation to fit into it, It will give you the final image of yourself, make it as a reward for you when you lose weight.

Never get disappointed if your weight didn’t drop like what you have planned.

There are many factors that determine your weight loss, not only calorie reduction, your body might respond perfectly in the beginning, but after that if reaches a plateau, that is normal, the human body copes very quickly with the external changes, so this change in calorie intake becomes no longer a change, the body gets used to it, that’s why you should keep making SHOCKS to from time to time, to keep your body guessing, like having a day off, or running for 3 days a week, in this way you’ll keep the weight loss process working, so never get disappointed when your weight gets stuck again.

Find a companion.

Long roads seem shorter when you’re not alone, find someone that is interested to lose weight like you, whether it’s your friend, spouse, family or people in a weight loss forums, plan your diets together, dream together, and be supportive to each other, and challenge each other to achieve the best results.

This way you’ll rarely find yourself want to get off the track, you’re supported, your companion is feeling what you feel, you’re not alone anymore.

Hope that was useful for you, hope I can help you more to reach your dreams faster, If you have applied any other tips that you believe it would be beneficial, please leave me a comment below.










4 thoughts on “How to stay on a diet?

  1. Very good article, I seem to be constantly on some type of diet or another, in the unending battle to lose weight. its always the easy option to just give in and ruin the good work you have done so far! These tips will help anyone stay on the right track.

    Its worth mentioning an important thing is to get over indiscretions quickly. We will all at some point blow our diet, so its worth being in the mind set of not letting it worry you and instead focus on returning to good ways quickly, not Dwelling on the negatives.

    1. Hello Steve,

      Thanks for your comments.
      You’re right! This is a very important point, it is essential to keep ourselves on track even if we became weak for a while and craved something sweet or salty it doesn’t mean the end of the world, we have to get back to track and proceed like nothing happened.

      thanks for reminding me of this point.


  2. Your post makes me think of the comment “it takes a village” – because it does. For anything hard that we do, we need support, accountability, and partnership. Weight loss is just about the hardest thing there is to do (for any of us suffering from eating issues or genetically cursed metabolisms or long-engrained bad habits). Thanks for the insight!

    1. Thanks penny for your comment.
      Yes I believe that losing weight is really hard, it needs a lot of support, hope I’m giving support to you and all those interested to lose weight 🙂

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