How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

That feeling of shaking all over your body, that taste of poison in your mouth, that feeling of exhaustion while the day is still in its beginning, that dangerous way of thinking accompanied with that feeling, that pain of feeling uncomfortable wherever you go and whatever you do, that killing continuous noise in your head leaving you unfocused, you know exactly what I’m talking about, it’s stress and anxiety ladies and gentlemen!

I, you, my friends and yours, my family and yours, and all people on this planet suffer from stress and anxiety, it’s like a chronic disease which hasn’t been treated yet, and we all try to avoid that stress in any way possible.

And because we all need to get rid of those annoying feelings, find below 20 ways to reduce Stress and Anxiety:

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Get rid of what makes you stress and anxious.

Scan the causes that make you feeling stressed and uncomfortable, search for the sources and get rid of them, if the reason is related to a problem at work solve it, if you’re not getting along with your roommate find a new room or a new roommate, If you’re not happy with the life you’re living give new changes a try, change what can be changed, nothing remains the same forever, take a step to have a calmer life, life is too short to spend it miserably!

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Talk to someone who’s close to your heart.

People are there to help each other and to listen to each other, and sometimes all what we need is to be listened to. Talk to someone who’s a good listener and most importantly who cares about you, so you could release all the negative energy out, it could be your mother, your sister, your best friend, or your teacher, and moreover you might be able to get some advices and help from them, so you would feel better, and solve your problems.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Get a piece of paper and write down what you feel.

List down what is making you stressed and nervous at the moment, write about your feelings, and how they are affecting your life and performance, read what you wrote, and then try to write things that would make you feel better, and things that would solve your problems, people that can help you with their assistance, who would you like to see at that moment, and where would you want to be If you had the choice to choose.

When you’re done, read what you wrote again, that would make you feel better, and would also stimulate the brain to find ways to soothe yourself that weren’t in mind previously.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Do some workout.

Studies show that working out even for a short period of time, would help you get rid of your stress, and improve your mood and happiness, especially if you do a workout that you enjoy doing, let the Oxygen get into your lungs and every cell in your body, and let go all the negative vibes out.

Run in a park, go to the gym, enjoy swimming under the sun, or just have a walk around your place, all kinds of exercise will certainly make you enjoy life again.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Enjoy an hour of meditation.

Meditation is super for stress relief, it calms down all the battles taking place in your head, and makes you see the world more beautifully, take a walk in nature, listen to the sound of birds and the sea, or get yourself comfortable on your couch, light some scented candles, and enjoy moments of silence, breathe deeply and focus on positive thinking.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Watch a comedy movie and don’t hesitate to laugh.

Laugher increases the amount of Oxygen enters your body, it stimulates your body organs such as your heart and your lungs, and it also triggers the secretion of Endorphins that improve mood and immune system, it leads to full body relaxation and stress relief.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of herbal drinks in reducing stress and anxiety.

Staying away of stress and anxiety medications and choosing to drink herbal drinks instead is just the best option to reduce your stress level naturally and away of any harmful side effects, because herbal drinks do really work, I usually drink a cup of tea with lots of mint when I’m stressed out; it makes me feel relaxed right away! The menthol in mint improves the feeling of relaxations and calmness.

Another option is Chamomile tea, which doesn’t only make you feel relaxed; it improves your sleep, and makes you sleep deeply without waking up several times at night, so give it a try when you’re sleepless.

More examples of relaxing herbal teas include: Lemon Balm tea, Green tea, and Anise tea.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Have a hug from someone you love.

A hug may be just what you need to better maintain your mood and feel less stressed, recent researches show that hugging can reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress, a hug is an essential part of social support that one needs in life to avoid illness caused by stress and tension.

So go ahead hug someone you love and trust, like your mother, child, spouse, daughter, or even a stranger, reduce stress hormones and feel fresh and supported.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Practice a hobby.

You’ll probably feel less stressed when you start getting involved in doing some fun activities  you enjoy doing, especially if they were productive, like writing, painting, cooking, gardening, and sewing, use the stress energy stored in your body to create wonderful creations and enjoy the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Help people who need it.

Helping others make you feel great, and giving makes you happy, it triggers the “reward area” in your brain, leading you to be more positive and relaxed, if stress is making you lose your mind, get involved in helping others, such as raising money for poor people, joining a cause that you believe in, helping old and disabled people, or work as a volunteer in one of the NGO’s.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Own a pet.

Having a lovely pet at home will definitely make you less anxious and stressed, and will draw a smile on your face whenever you see him reacting happily when you come back home after a long day out, and what is wonderful about it, is that your pet is always there for you to cuddle and play with, and guess what’s more wonderful? You can talk to your pet about anything without waiting for a feedback from him, don’t laugh! It’s not funny, instead it’s very calming!

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Eat foods that improve mood.

There is a group of foods that improve mood and make you feel less stressed and depressed, due to the presence of chemicals that stimulate the secretion of hormones and inhibit the secretion of stress hormone (Cortisol), and due to the presence of anti-oxidants and Omega – 3 fatty acids.

Here is a list of these foods:

  • Dark Chocolate (Don’t forget to smell it first for a doubled effect)
  • Bread, cakes, and muffins
  • Banana
  • Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, rainbow trout)
  • Eggs
  • Coconut
  • Avocado
  • Grapes
  • Mushroom
  • Raw nuts
  • Spinach
  • Fruits and Vegetables

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Consult your doctor.

If you feel that you’re overreacting, and your stress and anxiety have no serious cause, you might be in need to visit a doctor and describe what you feel for him, some kinds of stress and anxiety might be due to some medical conditions, such as muscular problems, including back pain, jaw pain, tension headache, and muscular soreness, or can be due to the lack of some vitamins and mineral, such as Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Tryptophan, and Calcium.

So it’s highly advisable to do medical checkups on a regular basis, to know whether you’re facing any nutrient lack in your body, and supplement that lack accordingly.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Use Aromatherapy.

Stress relieve can be achieved through your nose, some scents can trigger relaxation

and calmness in your nervous system, Lavender oil for example has the same effect of some anxiety

Essential oils with diffuser

medication on your brain, add few drops of Lavender oil on some water and diffuse it into the air, you can add some drops on your pillow to relax your nerves before sleep, or use a few drops in a running bath.

Other examples of relaxing essential oils are: Lemon oil, Ylang ylang oil, Jasmine oil, geranium oil, and peppermint oil.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Have a Massage.

This is my favorite way to get rid of stress and anxiety and improve my mood, especially when combined with some scented candles; it releases all the negative energy with the power of muscles, it can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, relax your muscles, and increase the secretion of


endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine, your body’s natural way to feel happy and relaxed.

Don’t hesitate to have massage sessions from time to time to maintain your nervous system and your body muscles health, whether it’s a Swedish massage, hot stones massage, Shiatsu massage, Thai message, or simply have your own massage at home whenever you want by getting a Massage Chair, it’s super, especially after a long tiring day, enjoy a massage while watching TV or spending time with your family, and let the whole family enjoy the experience.


How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Drink Water.

Water reduces stress and anxiety exactly like it extinguishes fire; it refreshes the whole body.  Water is required in all body functions to stay alive, and it also protects the body from dehydration, which stimulates the production of stress hormone (Cortisol), and makes you feel stressed and uncomfortable.

A glass of water would make you feel better fast in stressful situations; it’s one of the cheapest, simplest, and quickest way to get rid of stress instantly, especially if there is no access to other ways, like when you’re at office, at a meeting, or at some stranger’s house or office.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Find your Mood Shifter.

A Mood shifter is usually a person in mind that makes you feel better by just thinking of him, someone you love deeply from the bottom of your heart, and you can’t resist smiling when you see his/her face, it could be your friend, your little daughter or son, your lover, your lovely mom, or your spouse. Keep him in mind and think of him once you face a stressful situation, and you needed to calm down that time, just close your eyes, think of him/her to take your mind away from what is stressing you out, to soothe your soul even if for few moments.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Learn something new.

Get involved in learning a new skill, a new hobby, or a new language, keeping your mind busy with something interesting to you, something that you’re not familiar with, will make you feel productive, trigger the reward system in your brain, and make you feel less stressed and anxious!

Visit a new place, meet new people, or play a new game, anything new will keep your mind busy away of all the stress and anxiety you’re suffering of.

Although it feels uncomfortable to some people, crying might save your life! Crying is the role of the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation and calmness, and crying reduces the feeling of trauma. When you feel that you’re about to cry that means that your body reached a level of stress that can’t bear anymore, so never hesitate to cry when you need to, it’s not a sign of weakness, instead, it’s a very healthy act to get rid of what might kill you silently.

How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Enjoy a couple of extra hours of sleep.

What I love about sleep is that it’s the only way that forces your brain to stop thinking; it soothes the body, and makes you see what you want in your dreams, so it’s a 3 in one deal!

When I feel stressed and anxious about anything, I simply end up this day by sleeping 2-3 hours earlier, so I would have the energy next day to see things from another angle, and become more able to solve any problem.

Get to bed earlier when you’re not feeling OK, why keeping awake while you’re not enjoying it?

I tried my best to cover all ways to reduce stress and anxiety in this post, hope it was helpful for you, if you know a tip that wasn’t covered here, please leave me a comment below.

Thank you for reading, hope you have enjoyed it!




21 thoughts on “How to reduce Stress and Anxiety?

  1. Great tips! Yeah, we all need to learn to reduce stress in this fast paced global society. In Singapore where I hail from, this is especially needful, as we are a highly urban island city and have no natural resources to rely on. Manpower is all we have and every one is squeezed to work hard to survive.

  2. Very informative to read, thanks for that. I see around me a lot of people, if not everyone, having those stress issues indeed. I think every person should relieve some stress in these ways, it can only be possitive.

  3. Thank you so much for these tips! I suffer from IBS and one of my main triggers is stress!

    I am always on the lookout for ways to reduce stress, including working out and listening to audio books or calming music (especially at work!).

    Would you mind if I linked to your blog? That would be awesome if I could!

  4. Indeed, stress is so stressful 🙂
    We do not realise but stress affects us in so many ways that it cannot be taken lightly. Left unattended, stress can actually prove to be fatal.
    Thank you for sharing the tips to nullify this monster.

  5. All great tips! I have been drinking more herbal tea lately (homemade iced tea) and I feel I a change in my mood and my focus. I love that there are so many different ways to help you in reducing stress and anxiety. Stress contributes to so many illnesses that we have to make sure we keep our tension levels down. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Haha. I’m not so sure hugging a stanger is a good idea. I guess it depends upon how well you can read people though.

    I like all of these suggestions a lot. I think getting a hobby and working out are some of the best things you can do. It seems that people piss me off all day at work and nothing works that away like pushing up some iron with Metallica blaring out your headphones. Some may not find that relaxing, but I guess everyone just needs to find what works best for them.

    Nice post. Keep up the good work.

  7. These tips are super useful, I always love learning something different whenever I’m to stress. Learning something different gets me out of the chaos that I was currently in.

    Another way that helps relieve stress is taking a long hot shower.

    1. Yes Brandon! That what I realized that I forgot to mention when I had my shower today, and you’ve just mentioned it!
      Will add this soon 🙂

    2. That’s very true Brandon! It will help to interrupt a panic attack, actually. A hot bath may be eve better, but the incessant drip of a thousand drops is marvelous, if you focus on the sensation, not those stressful thoughts.


  8. This is a powerful list, and it covers a LOT of great options; I love the fact that you start it with a focus on the root cause of my stress. Your items 1., 2. and 3. all lead to discovery of and focus on the thing that causes the stress. This is powerful and very rare, as most of us know very well what is the cause of our stress, but we refuse to confront it. We hate the thought of ending that toxic relationship, because we have so much emotional investment in it. We can’t imagine walking away from that huge house payment, because we are very proud of the house, even though it is more than we need or can afford financially or emotionally. Your first 3 tips seem likely to help some of us face the need to deal with the REAL problem, instead of working on everything else.

    I have a suggestion for your number 13. “Consult your doctor” If your reader is an American, there is a really fast, cheap way to get that consultation, despite the high-cost health care situation in the USA. There are low cost Telemedicine services available that provide same-day 24/7 video-chat or phone visits with fully qualified physicians for less than the cost of family dinner at McDonalds. Here is a link to an article about it: https://failsafeisolation.com/does-telehealth-work
    I’m curious about Telemedicine or other office visit options away from North America. Do you know if Telehealth or other fast, inexpensive options are available to consult with a Doctor in the EU or any other parts of the world?

    1. Thanks Steve for your advise, consulting a doctor while you’re at home is a very good idea, especially those who don’t have time, don’t like to wait at the doctor’s clinic, and don’t like to break the bank!
      Thank you for this great suggestion.

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